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Create Less Waste – Reuse Glass Containers

Our products are earth grown, and we strive to create the least amount of waste as possible. One way that we help reduce waste is carrying our products in glass versus plastic. This allows you to recycle or reuse. If you choose to recycle, make sure to do so in the proper container. If you are curious as to how you can reuse glass bottles, we have a few suggestions to offer:

  • Remove label and paint bottle if you would like. Fill with potpourri and place in designated spot in your home for a pleasant fragrance.

  • Repeat the first couple of steps mentioned above and fill with flowers instead for lively decoration.

  • Fill the bottles with colorful marbles or stones and set up as decor in your kitchen, bathroom or window sill.

  • Fill the bottles with your favorite essential oils. For instance, I enjoy adding lavender essential oil to my baths. The NHCO Sleeping Mist bottles are the perfect size for this.

  • Fill with q-tips or cotton balls. The NHCO Bath Salt glass containers hold a great amount.

  • Use an empty glass container, such as the NHCO Jojoba Body Cream, to mix up a DIY face mask.

Do you have other ideas that we didn’t mention? Feel free to leave a comment and fill us in on how we can continue reusing and reducing waste!


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