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Exercise at Home for Better Results

Conventional wisdom says that you have to hit the gym if you really want to get in shape. The idea makes some sense. After all, the gym has a lot of equipment for exercising. However, conventional wisdom is wrong. In reality, you can probably often get better results working out at home.

The Advantages of Working Out at Home

  • When you work out at home, you don’t have to pay any gym fees, babysitters, or travel expenses.

  • With nobody else around, you don’t have to feel self-conscious.

  • You have no excuses when you do your exercise at home. Neither bad weather nor traffic will keep you from exercising.

  • It’s easier to exercise when you do it at home. You can do it whenever you have a little time to spare. You can fit your workout into your schedule much more easily this way.

  • You can rest and relax right after you work out when you do it at home, instead of having to go home first.

  • You can do things your own way in your home. You can play music that really gets your blood pumping and decorate your exercise space in a way that inspires you to do your very best.

Setting Up a Home Gym

You can set up a good home gym in a small space. A small room would certainly do. A corner of a room will do as well. Even a little space in a garage or basement will do. When you do the right exercises, you don’t need a lot of equipment.

As long as you have the space to stretch out, you can do bodyweight exercises. Squats, situps, and pushups will develop and tone your muscles, burn calories, and increase your overall fitness.

Any good exercise program needs some cardio. If you’re really tight on space, you can rely on exercises like jumping jacks, Hindu squats, jogging in place, and jumping rope, which just require room to stand in. If you have a little more space, you can get a stationary bike or treadmill for your cardio exercise.

If you want to improve your strength, you should also get some free weights. Dumbbells are enough for most people’s purposes. If you are serious about building muscle, you might want to go with barbells or kettlebells.

You don’t really need any more equipment than that. Just one piece of exercise equipment at most, the space for a few weights, and maybe a bench to sit and lie on if you’re lifting.

The Takeaway

It is surprisingly easy to set up a home gym, even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Exercising at home has a lot of advantages. For many people, it’s better than going to exercise at the gym.


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