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Finding Your Pulse Points For Aromatherapy

Pulse points are the areas on the surface of your body where you can feel your arteries pumping, and find your heartbeat. Your pulse points are where your arteries are closest to your skin.

Topical medicines have taught us that when something is applied to the skin, it can be absorbed into the blood stream. It is said that your pulse points are the best spots to apply scent due to the warmth of your blood. When we apply essential oils to the skin, their healing properties are absorbed into our bloodstream.

This pulse points guide is helpful when applying the Essential Oil Roll On.


  1. Temples

  2. Sides of the lower jaw

  3. Side of the neck

  4. Inner biceps

  5. Wrists

  6. Groin

  7. Behind the knee

  8. Ankle

  9. Upper part of the foot


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