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How Beauty Standards Affect Society

Some people are admired for their looks by society, while others are criticized. But the truth is, beauty standards affect all sorts of people. Not only that, but the media often portrays certain people as being ugly or unattractive to make them seem inferior.

Beauty standards are an ever-changing concept. Standards have changed dramatically over time, but now more than ever, it seems society is being pulled in opposite directions. Beauty standards are no longer just based on how men or women look but also on what they do, who they are with, and what they say. Society's current beauty ideal has become superficial and unrealistic, meaning that both men and women are paying the price.

Makeup has traditionally been used to draw attention to features of the face that are considered attractive, sexy, or aesthetically pleasing. It is only recently that makeup has been used for another purpose--to cover up features that are considered less than desirable. But we've reached a point in society where women want to look a particular way that certain popular celebrities look. This creates a society of women who look perfectly normal, but feel less than because the status quo says they need to look a certain way because of celebrities. As a result, you'll often see women of different races who resemble each other because they use the same exact makeup techniques. Again, this makes women feel like they're not good enough. It's a serious problem for self esteem and self image.

The objectification of women is an all too familiar occurrence in today's society. Women are often viewed as sexual objects in music videos, movies, social media, and entertainment websites. Often time, society blames men for this, but we see women objectifying themselves, holding to the claim of "empowerment". If we're honest with ourselves and hold to personal responsibility, we would agree that we no longer live in a society where men are solely objectifying women. We have entire websites where women set up accounts where people pay to see them do sexual things. I doubt someone forced them to create those accounts. It's easy to make an excuse for these activities, and it's just as easy to blame men for objectification of women when in reality women are making these decisions of their own free will. Why is this? Because it's popular, and brings the desired attention, and possible monetary gain. Everyone wants to be loved and desired, and this seems to open the door for promiscuity, sexual immorality, low self esteem, and low self worth. Personal responsibility is not "victim shaming", but rather acknowledging accountability for your own actions.

Beauty standards affect society in a way that has been ingrained into our society. Not only does the pressure to look a certain way affects those who should be comfortable in their own skin. All people need to take time to love themselves and to embrace what they can't change. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we're all ugly to somebody. But society's beauty standards have, and will always be a heavy weight on the minds of men and women.


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