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How To Avoid Razor Burn 🔥

RAZOR BURN SUCKS. We all know what razor burn is, but what is it? Razor burn is simply the irritation of your skin after shaving, which can irritate the hair follicles, causing redness, bumps, or a rash. It's often a result of the hair growing back, but not breaking through the skin (ingrown hair). Shaving is incredibly important for both men and women.

Unlike men, women often have to shave numerous areas: armpits, bikini area, legs, and often times, our face too. Razor burn can be unsightly, and cause other conditions such as hyperpigmentation.

1. Use a fresh razor If you're using an old, dull razor, you're almost guaranteed to irritate the skin. Be sure to use a sharp razor that doesn't have hair and shaving product caked between the blades. When your razor is dull, you end up having to go over the skin numerous times with it, causing irritation.

2. Clean your skin first Skin holds all kinds of dirt and debris. So before you shave, be sure to thoroughly clean your skin. All that dirt and debris will get into your follicles and cause razor burn.

3. Shave with the grain I know, I know. This is a tough one. It's so easy to shave against the grain, and you get a closer shave. But shaving against the grain aggravates your hair follicles, and gives your a much higher chance of getting razor burn.

4. Moisturize after shaving Replenish the moisture in your skin by applying an oil or cream moisturizer after shaving.

5. Moisturize before shaving Dry skin is always at high risk for razor burn. In the time between your most recent shave and your next shave, make it a habit to keep your skin hydrated.


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