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How to Halt Premature Aging

Concerned about looking older than you actually are? You keep your skin clean and apply beauty treatments, so what gives? Despite time and industry, your skin doesn’t radiate youth and vigor.

Time waits for no one, and we can't stop aging itself, but we can intercept avoidable signs of aging. First, it’s vital to observe what makes your skin age fast and how to enhance your skincare routine.

Sun Exposure

What’s the leading cause of wrinkles? It’s not frowning, genetics, or insomnia—though these add to your skin’s condition—it’s sun exposure.

Sunlight is culpable for 70% of skin aging. If you had shunned the sunlight, people would still consider you a stripling when it’s time to collect your pension.

It’s likely you forgot to wear sunblock and a hat in the past. Now, to escape more premature skin aging, apply skin protection and cover-up.

Stress Reduction

You might not consider relaxing a skincare strategy, but stress reduces your cell’s longevity, making you appear old sooner. Reduce anxiety to stay youthful and defend your DNA.

Care for your emotional wellbeing to increase feel-good hormones. Stroll in the country, listen to positive music, laugh, dance, exercise, sleep, and do what you enjoy.

If you can’t avoid stress, practice self-care. Follow a beauty regimen designed to soothe your body and mind.

Healthy Foods

Food can make you feel and look over the hill. Science shows carbohydrate-overload is unhealthy for skin, so eat less white rice, bread, and pasta.

While sugar-laden snacks and processed foods cause skin inflammation, oily fish, salads, and bitter fruits reduce skin aging from oxidative stress.


If you are a smoker, the microscopic lines around your eyes aren’t all generated by good times. ‘Laughter lines’ are common complaints of people who smoke.

In fact, wrinkles above your top lip and next to your eyes can appear 15 years before they emerge in non-smokers. Quitting is one way to ward off further skin damage.

Even though you are in your prime, does your skin look worse for wear? Prevent more unnecessary deterioration. Protect yourself from the sun and stress, and eat healthy foods.

If you smoke and find it tough to stop, consider meditation, NLP, hypnotherapy, and acupuncture as self-help measures and go to your GP for guidance.

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