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More About Project Lovingkindness

I started 'Project Lovingkindness' almost five months ago, and I'm going to share a little more with you! I hope this encourages someone else to be a cheerful giver!

I have a religious conviction to help our local homeless. God has been such a good God, I believe it is His will for me to show Lovingkindness to those who cannot return it.

The bundle bags I give away to homeless people are strategically packed: nourishment, grooming, and recovery. I even have small bags made especially for women's hygiene that I give with these.

My bags contain at least five pieces of food, tools to help the person stay groomed, and a pamphlet on tips to recovering from homelessness, along with witnessing tracts to read. I want to help these people spiritually and naturally.

Most of my items come from either Dollar Tree or Walmart, and I buy generic brand items if I'll save money there. I'm not wealthy, so I want as much bang for my buck. I started going to Aldi for their 24 case pack of bottled water since it's cheaper than even Walmart.

I like to get this 18 pack of wash clothes from Walmart since it's just about $3.50.

I also get these cans of Vienna sausage from Walmart. They're a good source of protein and calories and they're cheap.

As you can see, I used to put a roll of toilet tissue in the bags, but there too big, and not cost effective enough. I ended up switching them out with packets of facial tissue.

I'll try to add something a little extra like some gum, but most of the time I forget (lol).

Here's my staple, base products to include:

1- Bottled water 2- Granola bar 3- Cheese crackers 4- apple sauce 5- Vienna sausage 6- peanut butter/ or cookies 7- spoon 8- hair comb 9- bar soap 10- tooth brush set 11- wash cloth 12- sanitizing wipes 13- Kleenex 14- homelessness recovery pamphlet 15- Christian witnessing tracts

Please comment if you have any questions, or if you have some tips!


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